फाउंडेशन इंजीनियरिंग मैक्स आउटपुट टोक़ 100 KN.M के लिए TR100 रोटरी हाइड्रोलिक ड्रिलिंग रिग

बुनियादी जानकारी
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस: चीन
ब्रांड नाम: SINOVO
प्रमाणन: CE/GOST/ISO9001
मॉडल संख्या: TR100D
न्यूनतम आदेश मात्रा: 1
पैकेजिंग विवरण: नंगा
प्रसव के समय: शेयर पर
विस्तार जानकारी
रंग: पीला :
: 1200mm :
: 2 किमी / घंटा
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हाइड्रोलिक ड्रिलिंग रिग


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उत्पाद विवरण

TR100D Rotary Hydraulic Drilling Rig with cummins engine max drilling depth 32m


TR100D rotary drilling is new designed self-erecting rig, which adopts advanced hydraulic loading back technology, integrates advanced electronic control technology. 


फाउंडेशन इंजीनियरिंग मैक्स आउटपुट टोक़ 100 KN.M के लिए TR100 रोटरी हाइड्रोलिक ड्रिलिंग रिग 0



Features and advantages of TR100D:

1. The power head has the function of high-speed soil rejection; the maximum speed can reach to 70r/min. It completely solves the problem of soil rejection difficulty for small diameter pile hole construction.
2. The main and vice winch are all located in the mast which are easy to observe the direction of the rope. It improves the mast stability and construction safety.
3. Cummins QSB4.5-C60-30 engine is chosen to meet the state III emission requirements with economic,
efficient, environmentally friendly and stable characteristics.
4. The hydraulic system adopts the international advanced concept, specially designed for the rotary drilling system. Main pump, power head motor, main valve, auxiliary valve, walking system, rotary system and the pilot handle are all import brand. The auxiliary system adopts the load-sensitive system to realize the on-demand distribution of the flow. Rexroth motor and balance valve are chosen for the main winch.
5. It is no need to disassemble the drill pipe before transporting which is transition convenient. The whole
machine can be transported together.
6. All the key parts of the electric control system (such as display, controller, and the inclination sensor) adopt imported components of international famous brands EPEC from Finland, and use air connectors to make special products for domestic projects.
7. The width of chassis is 3m which can work stability. The superstructure is optimizing designed; engine is designed at the side of the structure where all components are located with rational layout. The space is large which is easy for maintenance. The design can avoid the narrow space defects which the machine is modified from an excavator.

फाउंडेशन इंजीनियरिंग मैक्स आउटपुट टोक़ 100 KN.M के लिए TR100 रोटरी हाइड्रोलिक ड्रिलिंग रिग 0




Model model Cummins QSB4.5-C60-30
Rated power/Speed KW/rpm 119/2200
Rotary Drive
Max torque of rotary head kN.m 100
Drilling speed r/min 0-70
Spin off speed r/min 70
Main performances
Max drilling depth m 32
Max hole diameter mm Φ1200
Pull-Down Cylinder
Max. push kN 100
Max. pull kN 120
Storke mm 2000
Main winch
Max pull force of main winch kN 110
Max pull speed of main winch m/min 70
Wire line diameter of main winch mm 20
Vice winch
Max pull force of vice winch kN 40
Max pull speed of vice winch m/min 40
Wire line diameter of vice winch mm 10
Mast inclination
Mast side raking ︒ 4
Mast forwards ︒ 4
Mast backwards ︒ 15
Max traveling speed km/h 2
Max turnning speed r/min 3
Chassis width mm 3000
Crawler grounding length mm 3450
Tracks width mm 600
Working pressure Mpa 32
Over weight T 30
Working position (LxWxH) mm 6900x3000x1340
Travel position (LxWxH) mm 12000x3000x3400




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